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Wabi-sabi(#1, Zuko/Song)

Fandom:Avatar the Last Airbender
Characters:Zuko, Song
Word Count:187
Author's Notes:I know it's a little short...but I think that's all it needed. The title is taken from a Japanese aesthetic view that is based around finding the beauty in imperfection. :)

Their first fight was a petty one. What began as a disagreement over who would go to market, escalated into a full fledged shouting match. Zuko didn’t want her to go alone. Song couldn’t see the problem in it.

When they’d screamed themselves hoarse, they’d each stormed in opposite directions, Song locking herself in their room. If she hadn’t been so upset, Song would have laughed at their childishness. But as it was, all she could do was pace the length of the room, restraining the urge to throw something. Daylight was fading from the window before she finally felt her anger ebb away, and ventured forth to find him.

She found Zuko in the garden sitting among the cabbages. Dirt caked his hands, and she smiled, knowing he had been digging up weeds to alleviate his anger. The dying light cast his face into shadow, and unable to read his expression, she placed a hesitant hand on his shoulder.

“What a perfect mess we are,” she murmured.

He was still for a moment, then covered her hand with his, and replied,

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